used to describe an incredibly off the chain piece of ASS!
The tail on that bitch is ridonkulous
by Vince and Sean September 11, 2007
A mix between donkey & ridiculous. A word used in the deep south, especially New Orleans; to desribe a women who think they are voluputous and hot, but are really closer to obese.
That girl is ridonkulous. A girl who looks like that should not wear a halter top.
by J Moses April 15, 2007
A word used by Jack Black, Richard Linklater and Mike White to describe Jack Black's craziness.
Richard: Jack, that last take was completely ridonkulous.
by kaile December 29, 2005
adj. the state of being in which one is extremely high, usually from marijuana consumption.
Those kids smoked too much marijuana and were totally ridonkulous (see stoned).
by Schminds November 22, 2005
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