Any German Sheppard/Collie Cross with the first name of Bailey that likes to snort, bark, drop a ball and play fetch all at the same time while bending their ears backwards to resemble a ridiculous appearance. Usually used in conjunction with another word to form a term "The Ridiculous Ridonkulator".
I can't believe she just went down that shrub infested valley to retrieve a pine cone that she has been chewing for hours. She is just Ridonkulous....Bailey, you're the Ridiculous Ridonkulator.
#funny #goofy #puppy #german shappard #fetch crazed #lunatic
by Johnny Yahoo January 18, 2008
used to describe something that is completely out of control - most commonly used when refering to things being outrageously hilarious
Man, that shirt is riDONKulous = that shirt is crazy!

I feel like, if I was lost, I wouldn't be able to find myself, and that would be riDONKulous = I have no idea what my drunk ass is saying and that is just crazy!
by Shar and Emmers November 29, 2004
DEFINITION 1- something sdo insanely absurd, un-believable, un-realistic, extra-ordinary, etc.
DEFINITION 2- a ridiculous donkey

ALSO SEE:ridiculous
Teacher:"You got the highest mark in the class on your math test!"

Student:"That's ridonkulous!"

Student's Friends:"IT'S A NERD...LET'S KICK IT!"
by Special Jenny July 16, 2004
When something is way past ridiculous in terms of stupidity. Usually used to describe an act committed by a donkey.
I can't believe that jackass tried to steala police car. That's ridonculous!
by Champy May 07, 2003
any act of ridiculous that is a result of mrs donker
the pig practical is ridonkulous
#crazy #wild #outlandish #absurd #unreasonable
by woahgirl99 June 05, 2007
More ridiculous then a donkey.
You are so ridonkulous. In Spanish Riburroloso.
#redonkulous #ridiculous #donkey #crazy #riburroloso
by Rebel Tedd January 19, 2006
Having properties of both ridiculousness and a donkey; donkey-like ridiculousness.
Oh my god, look at that purple-spotted donkey. Now *that's* ridonkulous.
by mercury14 April 28, 2004
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