Something that is so ridiculous, it simply becomes ridonkulous.
Jessica: Pete... My dog just ate you car.
Pete: WHAT?!?! That's ridonkulous!
by Peter Cardakaris June 10, 2007
new term for ridick, the term for ridiculous.
'I went to by accident because i typed in 'egads' in the search engine. I thought nobody came up with the word 'ridick' yet so i added it and sent it to the editors. When i clicked on the link, it turns out some jackass named Spina already made up that word in May of 2005. Now that's ridonkulous!!!
by Beachassninja March 13, 2008
Extremely ridiculous. Replaces the phoneme "dic" with "donk," as in "donkey" or an obscure reference to male genitalia. See also ricockulous.
What do you mean he didn't remember how many attorneys were fired? That's ridonkulous.
by nikolaus901 October 14, 2007
When something ridiculous happens on Xbox Live involving Xbox Live member FurryDonkeyy
Oh my god I just got rapedizzzled! I wasn't even out of cover! That shit was fucking ridonkulous!
by FurryDonkeyy September 24, 2008
A modified version of the word "ridiculous."
"Dude, that party was so sick it was ridonkulous"
by sourdude13 January 11, 2006
A word which cleverly combines padonkadonk and ridiculous. Basically it is an ass that's so large, it's ridiculous, and therefore, ridonkulous.
"Oh my god becky, look at that butt. It is sooo big."

"Yuh, it's ridonkulous."
by phay April 29, 2008
a substitute for ridiculous with much more feeling/excitement
Did you see that girl's was ridonkulous.
by Austin Sharp May 02, 2006

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