Badonka-donk (big ass on a female) that is Ridonkulous (beyond ridiculous)
Dood 1: Oh my God, see that broads ass? I smacked it a minute ago and its still jigglin.

Dood 2: That badonka-donk is ridonka-donk
by dreguan March 12, 2010
Top Definition
Something even more ridiculous than ridonkulous.
The fact that he owes 50,000 in student loans? That's ridiculous. The fact that he dropped out after one semester? That's ridonkulous. The fact that said 50,000 was spent entirely on Cheez-Its? That's ridonkadonk.
by scrauder December 23, 2005
a. A female buttocks which is so outrageously badonkadonk in nature that it is ridonculous. Hence ridonkadonk.
"Damn, that girl gotta ridonkadonk butt."
by kevinem April 20, 2005
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