Wearing underwear with skid marks on them
Chris- " Rachel dumped Matt!"
Brad- "Why? Was he riding dirty?"
Chris- "Yes"
by thenuggetbaby January 17, 2015
Operating one's luxury SUV or high-end sedan without utilizing factory-provided seatbelts.
"I had just ironed my shirt, so I made sure that I was riding dirty on my way to picking up some organic papayas from Whole Foods."
by UrbanDC February 01, 2008
When you in a car and you just banging out whatever makes you that dough(money)
I can't be stopped today im just riding dirty getting the deal done son...
by RichieRooRoo January 13, 2011
Operating a motorcycle without a helmet.
That dude must be going at least 100m.p.h. and he's even riding dirty.
by D-man FL October 07, 2008
The act of having sex after a man has already ejaculated (especially inside of a condom) and him therefore possibly having viable sperm already on his penis.
Dude; I only had one rubber but she was good to go again, so I wuz riding dirty the second time yo-
by rickkym January 19, 2009
Riding in a car with overly tinted windows.
Yo, did you see that Bigwig over there, he is totally riding dirty!
by snizzlewhoop July 10, 2008
Having intercourse while either covered or wallowing in vomit and feces.
The incontinent drunks were riding dirty in his sister's bed!
by Katie MacIntyre January 02, 2008

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