When you in a car and you just banging out whatever makes you that dough(money)
I can't be stopped today im just riding dirty getting the deal done son...
by RichieRooRoo January 13, 2011
Riding in a car with overly tinted windows.
Yo, did you see that Bigwig over there, he is totally riding dirty!
by snizzlewhoop July 10, 2008
Having intercourse while either covered or wallowing in vomit and feces.
The incontinent drunks were riding dirty in his sister's bed!
by Katie MacIntyre January 02, 2008
The art of a girl riding a male like she is riding a raging bull during sexual intercourse as she mouth fucks you with a dried up terd of their choosing. The feces should be at least two days old and preferably at least four inches long for the best experience.
(Girl) Ken and I were fucking the other night and I got on top of his cock and starting riding him like a I was riding a bucking bronco. While I was dancing on his pole I seen that his cat's liter box needed to be cleaned so I picked up one of the longest dry terds and started mouth fucking him with it. After we finished, Ken looked at me with a big smile with cat liter between his teeth saying "baby that was AWESOME" I think I will call that RIDING DIRTY
by PseudoJohn April 23, 2011
...someone commits illegal, Immoral or unethical act(s) and has not 'fessed up even though everybody may know about it but so far the perpetrator hasn't been busted. The implication is that he/she will eventually get caught.
"I see they finally indicted Representative Anderson for bribery and money laundering--he's been riding dirty in the legislature for years..."

"Jack's girlfriend and his wife joined the same Oprah book group and found out that he's been riding dirty both ways...he's sleeping in the office now."
by Moira Kalish December 09, 2006
Having anal sex. Riding dirty refers to having anal sex or anal intercourse, usually without a condom.
My gal loves me riding dirty.
by Bill Alan August 15, 2006
having sex without a condom
Guy #1: Hi, my name is Andruw Jones, nice to meet you.
Girl #1: Hi I am Beyonce, it is nice to meet you.

hours later.....

Guy #1: I hit it from the back side.
Guy #2: Did you have a rubber?
Guy #1: Nah, I was riding dirty.
by Jason Caplan July 29, 2006
A term used by the telecommunications industry to describe a transport circuit which is experiencing any combination of the following problems, line code violations, path code violations, errored seconds, severely errored seconds, unavailable seconds, ect.
That circuit's riding dirty, I can't even stream my p0rn!
by mememememmeme December 07, 2006
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