Slang term regarding a semi-legitimate business of contraband. Contraband being an act that bridges the gap between economies because though you may arrest people, others will rise up and some will make up new words for the industry like "riding dirty"....which is really jsut a cheap attempt at a rapper with no talent and alot of funding to "rise" to the top, if you will.

You know Run DMC??? they were IT.....they were good...or Sir Mixalot....see, that's classic, but this just sounds bad. Plus i mean what the hell, if you really want to make money without working hard and get get a's actually not too hard.....gullable women will admire you and most of the work is on your own show up at work at 2pm.....or not at all if you dont feel like it. Then when your done you will likely get promoted and work alot less then a gangster and make maybe 6X as much. And women will want to fuck you, because your a "Dr." and they think that it's the shit.

That's where it's at FOOL!
Riding dirty is for pussies....the real playa's get the "Dr." then they get the women and the moolah....sucka.
by Dr. bullshit October 08, 2006
Top Definition
Riding dirty means getting caught by the police with contraband, or in urban slang, gettin caught by da po po, wid some of dat dro dro.
When the sirens went off, all i could do was floor it cuz I was riding dirty like a muafuca.
by Nokari D. January 29, 2006
Referenced to driving a vehicle with any form of illegality;

1. Driving with an expired, suspended, or revoked license; or driving without a valid license or license plates.

2. Driving a vehicle with expired tags or failed inspection.

3. Driving a stolen vehicle.

4. Driving with unregistered guns in the vehicle.

5. Driving while intoxicated or under the influence.

6. Driving with illegal drugs/controlled substances in a vehicle.
Jason: The cops arrested me yesterday because I was riding dirty.

Chris: Why?

Jason: Because I had a sack of weed in the car.
by krazykiki June 10, 2006
To partake in the act of smuggling or trafficking narcotics
we wre riding dirty tryin to make some cash real quick

"they see me rolling, they hating, patroling and tryint to catch me ridin' dirty" in Ridin' by Chamillionaire
by sec_8 April 26, 2006
Driving while possessing or doing something that the police COULD arrest you for. This does not necessarily mean running drugs or getting caught though.
My niggas was all riding dirty wit their tec-9s, but only half of them got busted by the po po.
by agentsteve August 14, 2007
Walking around in public after shitting your pants.
"Is it just me or does this Apple store smell like shit?"
"I smell it too. Someone in here must be riding dirty."
by 808_anonymous February 13, 2012
To snowboard or ski without a pass or on someone else's seasons pass.
Yo, Ian got busted trying to use Nicole's seasons ski pass last weekend. LOL, he was riding dirty as a girly man.
by Obutter April 02, 2012
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