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When a male or female reaches a second orgasm shortly after the first. This second orgasm is achieved so quickly by "riding the wave" of the first orgasm.
"That was quick!"
"I was just riding the wave."
by WesBess March 29, 2010
The brief feeling of pleasure following an orgasm. This normally occurs with males, but can happen with females following after a particularly hard session of... you know.
Jesse and Desiré were riding the wave after they were done playing Whoopsie Doodles under the covers.
by StarL January 22, 2008
either drinking or gettin high
last night everbody in the party was riding the wave
by elk51 March 23, 2011
"Riding the wave" is when one has sex, usually doggy style, with an extremely fat girl.
Vib: I feel nauseus man.
Rib: Why's that?
Vib: I spent all night riding the wave dude.
Rib: Ewwwwwwwww!!!!
by Wolfey June 11, 2006
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