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When explosive diarrhea hits without warning and at the most inopportune time and causes an individual to shit their pants (one must be wearing pants). The Mud Saddle is created when the loose stool flows from the anus and runs down the inside of each pant leg to approximately the knee or slightly above the knee level. The wet shit soaks through the pants 1/4 to 1/2 of the way around the front and back of each pant leg as well. This wet, brown mess is visible from the front and from the back and gives the appearance of a brown riding saddle. One is considered to be Riding the Mud Saddle until such time that they are able to reach a place of privacy to remove their pants, clean up and put on new apparel. Generally, pants that have had a Mud Saddle created on them are disposed of and are not reused.
Harvey left for his lunch hour and decided that some extra hot and spicy Thai food would be a good choice for lunch that day. While the food was great, it did not mix with Harvey and while walking back to the office, he suffered a biblical perportioned assplosion and ended up Riding The Mud Saddle all the way back to his desk to get his keys and back out of the office to get to his car. The Mud Saddle ride in teh car was a wet one all the way home. Harvey was the talk of the office for days.
by Enya Goode March 12, 2014
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