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When you're ballin out of control at the Kentucky Derby, or participating in Derby festivities, such as cruisin on Broadway, mackin on big-hat hoes, pourin out mint juleps or gettin crunk in the infield.
There's horses runnin, we funnin, we rollin they try to catch us Ridin Derby. Tryin catch us Ridin Derby...
by Rick City May 30, 2008
A phrase which refers to a women's roller derby team conducting themselves in a manner that would serve to represent their players as dirty, skanky, slutty, outrageous, and audacious, all in an effort to convince people that they are cool. They just look dirty.
Hahaha. I saw those crazy pics of you on the internet after the game. You were really Ridin Derby!
by >>>AQUAFINA>>> September 17, 2009