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Alex Gardner is incredibly ridiculous!
Ridiculoso even!
Alex is so ridiculous I want to throw up all over the place, right now.
by Jimberley Kim May 02, 2005
12 45
something that is unbelievable in some way shape or form, an event worthy of memory
dressed in ridicuous red and blue/like i don't see what the big deal is

by anonymous May 01, 2003
265 131
Originally said by rapper Blasfemus, this pronounciation of the word ridiculous describes something that is at the top level of greatness, insanity, or beauty.
"SHIT! Kobe be makin' basketz like one ridiculous motha fucka tonight!"
"DeShawn? Dat nigga is ridiculous! He tried to sell me an eight ball of coke for 200 dollaz."
"DAYUUM dat azz iz ridiculous! It's bigger than two basketballs!"
by Blaz May 21, 2006
218 145
Where something is hot, cool, or off the hook
The back of yo head iz ridiculous!
by ThEnExTItGiRl January 27, 2008
126 67
Ridiculous can be a very useful term. Instead of using words to describe an event, place, happening, or person with words such as crazy, amazing, unbelievable, weird, funny; ridiculous sums it all up.
"Watch this on youtube, this is the most fucking ridiculous thing i have ever seen."

"This guy is really ridiculous."

Person 1-"Jamie and Karen broke up, and now Jamie is dating her best friend Maria."

Person 2-"Are you kidding me? That's fucking ridiculous."

"This kid had the biggest dick i have ever seen in my entire life in the locker room. This shit was ridiculous."
by globalman October 29, 2008
83 48
Able to be ridiculed. Silly, foolish.
The way George Bush runs this country is ridiculous.
by XxTimeToDancexX July 16, 2008
91 64
A word to describe a crazy, insane, yet amazingly funny person.
"Valarie, you're ridiculous!"

"WTF?! You are ridiculous for shouting "Toss that salad!" at random strangers out the car window!"
by hapachk4life November 09, 2012
16 10
another term coined by a DC area kid named Branden B. meaning so absurd or ridiculous, it needed a title or name like h.r. pufnstuf or h.i. larious.
yo kid, all these fraudulent cats claimin they invented sayin h.i. larious are straight up r.i. diculous.
by Tiste Jr. February 14, 2010
6 5