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Something that is so ridiculous it's ridiculary!
Person 1:Omg you can pause the opening credits but you cant fast forward them, this is ridiculous!

Person 2:No, its Ridiculary!
by pbimpette December 02, 2009
(rheey-dick-yoooooooou-lairree) n. v. adv.

1. a shadow used in photography which talks back with phrases such as, "pickles are hippotamouses which have lost there sight"

2. a phrase which can be used in almost any situation in which there is nonsense

the loss of verbal virginity
1. that lamp is casting some ridiculary shadows.

2. that is ridiculary!

3. ljagjaklm>ajlfkjgrn<g#@$$$s:jb
by rob jencks December 06, 2008