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asian who lives in menai. huge head. tries to tune all daah gurls.

has no life outside of basketball.
Ridge is a fagg asian
by benjamin1234567890 April 02, 2011
12 38
noun, driving term used to describe the phenomenon of passing through a series of traffic lights just as the lights are turning yellow.
Elliot made it to Tom's house in half the usual time due to hitting a sweet ridge on Route 130.

Dave's prayers to the traffic gods were answered when he caught a long ridge and was able to make it to work on time.
by captnscud March 20, 2012
229 16
cute, hot, sexy boy. He is sweet, funny and caring. He will always find away to make you laugh no matter what mood your in. He makes you feel like your the greatest person in the world. He is the greatest boyfriend you could have and you would have to be really lucky to have him as one. He does what he wants and acts like a kid but thats just the way he likes it. He doesnt care what people think. He is strong and has an awesome body. he is the most amazing guy alive.
ridge is the most amazing guy ever!
by girl over there November 11, 2009
288 169
crisps made by kp snacks ralated to hula hoops.
yumyum these ridges are nice especially in sour cream and chive flavour
by anonomominous May 27, 2007
14 2
1. To get stuck in a certain area and having difficulty from escaping it.

i.e. "Oh my god I am getting ridged by this corner"

2. To get stuck in something, not literally but in other aspects

i.e. "Oh man I was trying to walk past this guy but he kept on ridging me and I couldn't get past"
"Oh no I have been ridged by this car. I cannot get out"
by injctit420man December 03, 2013
0 2
to grind, to bang, to fuck, to jizz. Any sexual verbs.
Ivan wants to ridge Joanna up.

He just ridged all those girls.

He just ridge those girls all over the face.
by RidgeMonster April 25, 2009
43 47
A gentle slop or hill.
Look at those ridge's over the hill.
by Mike C. December 02, 2004
65 71
A shortened version a Original.
Means that someone has come up with something that they have not created. Eg a rap ryhme copied is not ridge
Wanna Be Rapper:"gimme dat bomb you gay, let me serenade niggas before i eat ma prey"
Dude: "hey nigga dat aint ridge dats some copied shit from the legend tupac, get the fuck off the stage"
by lozg February 07, 2006
45 59