to "ride the bull" - during vaginal, doggy style intercourse, to withdraw the penis and shove it directly and forcefully balls deep into the anus of your unsuspecting parter. and of course holding on until she throws you off or you get off. Works the best with anal virgins.
Next time you got your girl bent over, just shove it up her ass. Go Balls Deep!!! And scream Ride the bull!
by scottidottidopealicious January 28, 2008
Top Definition
To have doggy sex with a woman and have people in yor closet with cameras jump out. Your partner will then attempt to get away. The point of riding the bull is to see how long you can keep your dick in her. But beware, she may make an awkward turn and could bend your dick.
I will ride the bull tonight in an attempt to smash my record of 30 seconds.
by The guy with the face. March 24, 2006
When doing a chick up the ass, you say or do something to make her freakout and want to stop. The goal is to stay on and in as long as you can.

See bucking bronco.
Me and the boys out and found ten fatass hoes. That night we had a ride the bull tournament.
by justbeenn00b'd June 14, 2006
When doing a chick from behind, lean down to her ear and whisper the name of a different girl that you've had sex with implying that you think it's her name. See how long you can stay in as she tries to get away.
After I called her by another girl's name, I really had to "ride the bull."
by oldmanklc7734 April 16, 2007
when you are pounding a chick in the ass, reach around and grab onto her titties and yell "I HAVE AIDS", then try and stay on as long as you can.
Dude! I rode the bull for 57 seconds last night!
by Rock April 24, 2004
the process of doing someone doggy style in front of a window while a friend hides somewhere in the room. Sometime in the middle of fucking, the man that's fucking his trick pulls out and lets his buddy in without the hoe knowing. He runs around to the other side of the window, yells "Surprise!", and sees how long his buddy can "ride the bull".
My best friend Joe had the hots for my woman so I let him ride the bull.
by Crazy Capps May 22, 2008
You bring a fattie home from the bar and while you are having doggystyle sex with her, you whisper, "you are the fattest, most disgusting thing I have ever seen." Then you try and hold on long enough to blow your load.
I heard steve ride the bull last night and that bitch went crazy.
by Erik bo-berek May 18, 2006
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