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1) Energetic dance-game (sometimes considered a sexual act) conceived by a group of thespians in a summer acting camp at UC Berkeley. Involves an outer circle of 25-30 people and an inner circle of about 10 people. The dance is started with the counter-clockwise movement of the inner circle, and the singing or yelling of the following lyrics:

Ride that pony, ride around
That big fat pony
Ride that pony
This is how we do it!"

Following these lyrics the people in the inner circle move to the nearest person on the outer circle and perform a dance facing the person, facing away from the person, and then to the side of the person (sometimes similer to freaking). The lyrics for this part of the dance are as follows:

"Front to front to front, my baby
Back to back to back, my baby,
Side to side to side, my baby,

Then the person who has recieved the dance proceeds to the inner circle and restarts the game//dance//sexual act.

Usually participates are very darbee.
"Dude, the closest thing to an orgy we'll ever get here is Ride That Pony. Go with it."
by Vodka December 07, 2004
Other known lyrics;
Come on baby ride my pony.
Ride around that big fat pony.
Come on baby ride my pony.
This is how we do it!

Front to front to front my baby.
Back to back to back my baby
Side to side to side my baby..
this is how we do it!!!

As played at Soul Survivor!!
The partners tend to be based so attraction.
Guy choosing to go to hot girls and girls being too shy go
Hey sexy, i partnered you in ride that pony.
by Fairytouch January 29, 2008
In District V, we Thespians do it differently.
It is a slightly different version of the song,
but the main concept is the same.

In this song, we will use the name Bob.
It is as follows:
"Bob is riding on a pony,
Riding on a big fat pony!
Bob is riding on a pony,
This is what he told me!"
(During this part, Bob would be dancing around the middle of the circle. Dance, Bob, dance!)
Then Bob would go up to a selected person
and then:
"Front, front, front that pony!
Back, back, back that pony!
Side, side, side that pony!
This is what he told me!"

Some people in the district say that
the 'that' is replaced with a 'me'
but the game is quite loud
and it's hard to be sure.
Look at that big circle of people there, they must be playing Ride That Pony!
by mollypoxx May 05, 2008
I've only ever heard of Ride That Pony as a game, kind of like the others discribed.Around here, the cheerleaders at all the schools have a huge 'bonding moment' at Competion while waiting for the results and Ride That Pony's definitely a favorite then.
In our version, we stand in one big circle while 3-5 ppl, depending on how many people are in the big circle, are in the middle. 3-5 smaller people are on their backs riding the 'pony'. The people in the outer circle sing while the 'ponies' gallop around the inside of the circle. Here are the lyrics we use: 'Ride, ride, ride that pony/Get up and ride that big fat pony/Ride, ride, ride that pony/This is how we do it' After this, the people on the 'ponies' backs jump off and all the people in the middle stop at the closest person and dance. Then we all sing: 'Front to front to front with my baby/Back to back to back with my baby/Side to side to side with my baby/This is how we do it!' The peope who the ponies and riders stopped in front of then switch and become the new p.'s and r.'s. We always play this for around half an hour while we wait for the awards, and all the cheerleaders from all the different schools get to hang out and talk without competition blocking it. It's really fun.
'Ride That Pony was so fun at Comp!'
(yes, literally something several people say)
by Dewshine April 13, 2011
A game created by thespians at Roosevelt Highschool in Des Moines, Iowa. It has been passed down multiple times, but they were the real creators.
A group of ten+ people stand in a circle while a few people go around in an inside circle pretending to ride a pony while singing a song.

The song goes like this:
Woooo, ride that pony
Woooo, ride that pony
Woooo, ride that pony

This is how we ride

Then, the inside circle stops on whatever person the "this is how we ride" ended at, and dances. That portion of the song goes:
Front to front to front my pony
back to back to back my pony
side to side to side my pony
This is how we ride,

The people dancing then switch places with the person they were dancing with, and they then become the inside circle, then repeat.
Amazing game, for shizzle.
Kirsten: Let's play ride that pony
Bob: Heck yahhh, go Thespian games!
by whatchusayyy December 09, 2009
Same as above, but slightly cleaner.

Alternate lyrics:

Come along and ride my pony,
Come along and ride my pony,
Come along and ride my pony,
This is how we do it.

see above lyrics and sing to whatever tune you wish
(I often use the 1 little, 2 little, 3 little lady bugs tune). Instead of using Ride That Pony, use ride my pony.
by Lord Voldemort the Third September 06, 2007
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