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It is like ridiculous, but more so.
The wait in this line is so long, it is ricoculous!
by mensch53 February 21, 2003
1. A utter and complete break down or loss of any type of thought, sense and reason.
2. When the word "Ridiculous" is just not strong enough to describe the situation, in other words the next step past ridiculous.
3. Ridiculous to the extreme.
Pres. George W. Bush is completely ricoculous.
by D, Moller August 06, 2007
a word used excessively by adam corolla and peri, meaning absurd. Listen to loveline enough, and you will start using the word.
What the hell is he doing? He looks so ricoculous.
by anonymous2 April 29, 2005
This is my ramped up version of ridiculous ... it's a step above, a step beyond, it's not just riDICKulous, it's riCOCKulous!
Brittney Spears' recent behavior isn't just ridiculous, it's ricoculous!
He was so well hung, it was ricoculous!
by Tiffany Velez February 12, 2008
being beyond ridiculous to the point of offense
You want how much for that bag? That's ricoculous!
by a. weisenbach August 24, 2007
One worse then ridiculous
That was the most ricoculous thing I've ever seen!
by ellebug February 18, 2010
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