One-third of the trio of protagonists (along with Julian and Bubbles) in the Canadian comedy series Trailer park boys. Ricky is played by Robb Wells.
Ricky growing up was the cool kid in the park (at least according to Corey and Trevor), however in his adult years all he's done is go to jail, grow dope, live in a car, and get drunk and shoot guns. He frequently uses incorrect pronunciations of words (Cannepillar, Nay-sa for NASA, etc.) and goes on rants which leave everyone wondering what the fuck he just said. These speech habits are referred to as "Rickyisms".
Despite seeming somewhat unintelligent on the outside, Ricky has a great deal of experience and knowledge in "practical" fields, such as growing dope and stealing car parts, and of course, playing hockey. He also has a good heart and seems to want to satisfy his love interest Lucy, who is the mother of his daughter, Trinity, who Ricky loves unconditionally.
He is also able to extract cigarettes from Trevor any time he wishes, simply by delivering the catchphrase "Let's go, 2 smokes" or "Smokes, let's go"
"I plan to get drunk as fuck tonight, DRUNK AS FUCK! (echoing) drunk as fuck...drunk as fuck...."
(cuts to Ricky laying face down on the street)
by TPB Fan September 20, 2007
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An extremely attractive individual who sets the standard for others by being completely and undeniably amazing in every way possible. Worshiped for having the finest ass in America, and getting the most wanted action from girls.
Basically Ricky is a complete beast.
by BEEJAY.M0N3Y#5.19 May 14, 2007
the coolest person in the word; awesomeness. <3
dude that kid is sooooooooo cool! deffinately not as cool as ricky though!
by loserface. January 30, 2008
The person you can commonly think of and instantly smile while picturing all the funny one-liners he loves to tell. One of the nicest and most concerning person you'll ever meet. He has an adventurous old school soul in which money or power will never override his ambition to live freely. Typically the man of anyone's dreams, tends to be the best boyfriend that wins over parents, aunts and siblings. Someone you will never ever forget or discontinue to love.

Put in most basic terms, the perfect person.
Girl: "Who is that Wall Mart casheir that looks like Edward, plays every instrament perfectly, great at sport and checkers? The one that helps his family out continuously and saved the cat out of the tree?"

Girl 2: "Oh that's Ricky, you know krb."
by SLAS September 06, 2011
To smack someone in the back of the head in an upward motion creating a high pitched slap sound. This smack isn't used to hurt but to be as pain free as possible. A successful ricky will make a person's hair fly up in the air, create a high pitched noise while leaving the recipient without pain.
That guy needs a ricky.
by Brandon Halcomb December 07, 2007
the best friend ever. will usually become like a brother to youu, and will have long nicknames such as true friend/brubber rickayyy the awesome-sauce. super adorable and really cares about his best friends. will totally be the best person youu ever meet.
"Omg that boy is soo sweet & adorable!"
"Yeahh, he's so ricky!"
by dudelikemynameiscat September 29, 2011
the most amazing person who has ever set foot on this earth!

hes gotta be the best, only by .005% more than me tho :]
Ricky Ricardo xD
by ClairaC January 04, 2010
A drug dealer from Southern California.
"Yo, where are the dros?"
"Get them from Ricky."

by nattthalieeee August 07, 2006

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