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To give one of your best friends that is a girl the key to your house and then tell her to visit you while you are asleep and no one is home. She then proceeds to give you a blowjob and just as you cum in her face you wake up. You then kick her out of your house and ask her back for the key and give it to another girl.(with the same intentions)
Example 1
Juan: "Man i got lucky last night"
Aurel: "why man what happened?"
Juan: " I got the ricky special from a good friend of mine after passing out drunk in my doorm."
Aurel: "Wow that sounds AWESOME!
Example 2
Juan: "hey gurl how you doing?"
Desperate Chick: "nothing much"
Juan: "Hey what do we have here the keys to my house!"
Desperate Chick: "O, REALLY!?"
(hands over keys to her)
Juan: "You should pay me a visit some time"
(later on that night, after getting a blowjob)
(girl leaves with jizz on her face)
by Coorpinator5000 December 16, 2008
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