When something bad just happened, or when something has been screwed up.
Originating from the motion picture "Dude! Wheres my Car?" In the scene where the two lead characters find out that their car has been impounded their only response is "Rick..." (Rick is the name of the officer who accidently sent their car to impound)
"Rick dude that sucks."
"Mega-Rick that guy just hit my car."

Rita:"Johnny I have a confession..."
Johnny:"Whats up?"
Rita:"I'm cheating on you..."
by Kyle Gene Campbell August 20, 2007
v. To totally beast at something (sometimes followed by "on")
Damn, man, I ricked that test.

Dude, you were ricking on hitting that girl!
by Theawesome111 November 01, 2008
A slang term for freebased cocaine, also known as "crack".
Street Dealer: "'Sup?"
Crackhead: "Ayo got ricks?"
Street Dealer: "Yeah, how many?"
Crackhead: "Five."
by Fashion February 01, 2006
A pimp. A baller. A thug. An over-all good guy who keeps his game game-tight. The popular one. A prince of God with an unimaginable inheritance in which wealth could not ever begin to describe. An attractive magnificence that is beyond the glory of this world. Probably the bestest friend you will ever have. The coolest person you will ever meet.
Rick is so cool. Did you see his shoes?
by a deciple February 07, 2011
something that curves
that guys penis ricks down instead of up.
your tee shot had a lot of rick to it.
by itsfallen December 08, 2011
1. ricked synonym for in-shape, or adonis-like
2. verb for excercising
1. did you see that chicks arms? she fucking ricked!
2. i went to the gym to get my rick on.
by ezcarlyle April 18, 2011
1. dirty/trash
2. nasty

3. lack of cleanliness
You aint take a bath. boy you so fxckin rick !
by lmaowater1 July 14, 2011
A total douche bag. He is semi intelligent but not as smart as most other people in the world. Rick tends to mooch off of other people and doesnt give back. plus he likes to suck on feet. gross
-You know rick.
-You mean that douchebag that sucks toes. what a weirdo
by bmecoolkid July 26, 2011

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