When you are having sex with a woman from behind but in the vag. you pull it out very quickly and shove it into her ass because it is still wet (your dick) and you yell RICK FLAIR THAT HOE...WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Thus compleating the RICK FLAIR.
"Dude I was fuckin her doggy style and I pulled out and Rick Flaird that hoe... WOOOOOOOO"
by G-rod Bridazzle January 14, 2009
Top Definition
A method of doing shots with a group of people, named after the wrestler from the 80's. People line up and start from one end. The first person take their shot then yells "woooooo" and slaps the person to their left in the chest, which is that persons cue to do their shot. This continues until the end of the line.
We did so many rick flairs at the bar last night, I dont really remember anything but I have a huge red mark on my chest.
by Sean Steimer August 12, 2008
During cunnilingus, just prior to the female orgasm, the male pauses from oral pleasure stands up and renders his best Rick Flair "WOOOOO" impression.
Scott: Last night I gave this girl the Rick Flair... she left shortly after that.
by Chass_master_classic February 06, 2010
Being anally penetrated so forcefully that the escaping air is reminiscent of Ric Flair's signature "Woo!"
You better grab the lube, because I'm going to Rick Flair you tonight.
by Lledroc November 04, 2010

A Little Bitch

Says WOOOOO way to much

Has been wrestling for too long.

Not Clincally Dead, but dont worry he's dead inside.

White-Haired,Red-Necked,Hippie-Hating,Gun-Loving Hillbilly

Should Be Shot By a Dirty Stinking PM!!!
Rick Flair Is fag!

Should Be eaten By a YA because they do that because theyre wild and discusting creatures!

His wife is Hot!

Can Be Beaten Up by Frog which is something to brag about
4 cans of soda my ass!
by Angus ;) July 30, 2008
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