The term used to describe a person with less than full mental capability that is also lazy, incompetent, sexual inadequate, and very whinny. Resulting from these characteristics a richy is foul smelling, poorly dressed, annoying, full of him or herself, and more or less useless to society. A richy will whine and cry insistently. All richys are homosexual. Common practice is to euthanize a richy shortly after birth but poor parenting has allowed some to slip into society. Richys are usually found masturbating, dancing with partners of the same sex, smelling their armpits, and trying to lick other peoples feet. Richys are often confused with homeless people but when approached the constant whining easily distinguishes them apart.
1: That guy is incredibly annoying, useless, and stinky!

2: Yah, he is a richy.
by Kendra Stilles June 20, 2009
Top Definition
A hot sexy male, Who is trustworthy, and has a big...., he is very funny and loves to laugh,he makes long commitments,and is very sweet, A richy is as sexy, as funny
Wow!!! my husband is like a richy richy
by jessica loskiloske December 21, 2008
hott lovable guy, sometimes lazy, likes pot A LOT! good in bed, very kind, cares about others, will always be a fighter, has many freinds, easy to talk to, a pain in the ass but all in all a good person.
1:wow that richy is so nice.

2: i know i love him. =)
by sexmonger541 July 01, 2010
A new word for a rich person, ya get what I mean.?

Dedicated to my dearest sister Lisa, for she will become a richy when I die
Lisa will forever be a richy.
by Jill; Bob; Bill.! November 25, 2010
aka preppies, socies etc. believe it refers to the Richie Rich comicbook.
Look at the bmw thoughs kids are in! They got to be richies, no way a high school kid could buy that.
by k-Spit April 28, 2007
Richy is another word for penis. Richy is a nickname for Richard. Another nickname for Richard is Dick. I think you should understand now.
Dude1: Ayye yo my girl just sucked my richy
Dude2: I see youu bro!
by zone July 03, 2012
Someone who smells of garlic and poos in his girlfriends bathroom while her mum is asleep in the next room. He likes to play with his bumhole while singing eye of the tiger. he is not funny although he thinks he is and his personality mimics that of a person who suffers from down syndrome. He also has very unruly pubic hair.
Mate your rank, almost as bad as richy
by s.o17 November 25, 2010
a man whore who tricks girls into believing they are amazing, then turns around and calls them worthless.
He is pulling such a richy they way he dumped her!
by Jordyn R. July 02, 2008

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