Big trucks, tractors, women and beer!!! Where you go to waste your life... Filled with hicks who like to get drunk at school. Also happens to be next to one of the whitest neighborhoods ever... Tits-vegas!!!
"Hey, if you want to find women who have nothing better do do with their lives but sit on tractors, go to Richmond, Ontario"
by meiosismaster February 14, 2014
A cocky, hilarious, nearly anorexic boy who is smart but acts dumb. Most girls like him which he doesn't really care about. He can be a gentleman at times but acts like a complete spazz most other times! Him and his twin act like they run the place.
Teacher: Who was that boy that was crawling on the ground?
Me: Richmond... who else?
Teacher: Richmond, over here now.
Rich: Yes... how are you on this fine day?
by Rubez Nivwana July 24, 2012
A small town in Maine, about twenty minutes from Augusta. For a small town, you'd think the whores would number between zero and one, (the one being an outsider) but no, the town of Richmond is overrun by whores and sluts. Because the town is so small, the focus is not on education. Sports are the number one priority in this town. If you don't play a sport, chances are you won't make it in Richmond. You're probably hated everywhere else, by the way. The middle school girls go around saying "Pie!" 'OMG I'm lyke soooo random!!"
Ewww, that girl is from Richmond!
by Fuckkerrr February 23, 2011
Name given to the small town in Maine, which is nestled on the banks of the Kennebec river. Its defining characteristics are its townfolk who are obsessed with gossip and the degradation of others in order to make oneself feel more superior, thus enabling it to not only be the name of a town, but an adjective.
Girl One:Did you hear that Tracy just signed up for food stamps?
Girl Two: Oh my God, I know. She's so trashy.
Girl One: Right. Like seriously, I haven't been on welfare for weeks.
Girl Two: Me either. Hey, do you want to go with me to cash my social security check?
Passer by: You guys are sooooo Richmond.
by babumpbumpbump March 09, 2011
Richmond...A see of metal,tar and funky hippy cafes. Homes cheerfully decorated with dream catchers and beer trees. Lawn after lawn of tires and baby's in diapers. A Melting pot of red-necks, breeders and professional dubby-rollers. Richmond surley has the ability to charm all.
In Richmond, I can always smell the green grass. They also call it "Nuggets" or "Red Hair".
by Swiftymarie November 26, 2008
Is a suburb situated on the far west of Sydney, Australia. The very far west. Consists of bogans, rats and a McDonalds. It is a very unliked place and receives much critisism from other, better, suburbs. Bogans, rednecks, and ugly people derive from this place.
'How bogan is that guy?, He must be from Richmond'
'That guy is so bogan, he must've had 20 generations of family members raised in Richmond'
'No one likes him, he must be from Richmond'
by Ketchup Brand August 22, 2007
A city in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Some sections are gentrified, but largely a wasteland of pollution, lawlessness, and insolvency. Lots of barbed wire fences, junked cars, broken glass, and smokestacks. Not to be confused with THE Richmond, a neighborhood in San Francisco itself just north of Golden Gate Park. The Richmond (In SF) is a clean and pleasant residential neighborhood with some good restauraunts. Richmond (In Contra Costa County), is a former shipbuilding boomtown turned Godforsaken Ghetto slum.
I live in a nice house in THE richmond, but whenever I go across the bay to Richmond, I am painfully reminded of the failures of capitalism.
by libman February 27, 2005

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