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A Richmond Girl can be found roaming the streets and alleys of Richmond, Indiana. Richmond Girls can usually be seen pushing a baby stroller with her stomach showing for all to see while smoking a cigarette or, in severe cases, a Black & Mild. Also, Richmond Girls have a "pooch pouch" around their bellys and having a child before the age of 16 is "Richmond's favorite accessory". Richmond Girls have been described as having "The Look" and also said to appear as "Getting fu**** too many times and smoking too many cigarettes".
That girl has a bigger gut than me and is walking 4 kids and a pitbull? Ah, what a Richmond Girl!

Dude I could never take a Richmond Girl home to Mom.

I got drunk and took a Richmond Girl home; I'm going to the free clinic tomorrow to get checked...
by iLoveRichmond April 05, 2011
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