to show embarrassment for another person's humiliation, embarrassment, or misfortune. Also synonymous to uncontrollable blushing at the mention of any genitalia, sexual situations puns or innuendos, and the word "blush."
I was richin' so hard for that boy that tripped and spilt everything on his tray in the middle of the cafeteria.
by kd1234567 May 18, 2011
Top Definition
a total badass, who doesn't live by the rules and is a total stud.
That guy in the movie was a total richins
by mexicanninja March 24, 2011
Money, and representation of wealth (People and Things)
Daaaaammmmnn sooooon, that Rolls is RICHIN'
by Lil Snax & THS November 19, 2006
chubby errthang lover!
richin loves chubby ankles and girls with mustaches. ;D
by camster May 04, 2005
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