Richie, is your average white alpha male who thinks his shit doesn't stink. He leads you on and makes you feel like you're the greatest person he's ever met and like you are the one he wants to be with for the rest of his life. He waits for you to spill your heart out, then disappears like motherfucking Houdini. Where's he go? Simple, he goes on a dick sucking caravan with a bunch of hyenas and accidently loses his phone along the way. Probably in his ass when he was fisting himself. A year passes before Richie finally gets back from the caravan and comes across another phone. He texts you explaining himself, of course leaving out the part about the hyenas and all the loads he took to the face, and he sweeps you off your feet again. He tells you how sorry he is and how much he missed you and that he hopes you can find it in your heart to forgive him. Since you're such a sweet girl, you give him another chance. He will talk to you for a month until he loses his phone, for the 47th time this year, and breaks your recently healed heart again. You will then find him on Facebook and see that he has actually moved onto another broad and started a mini family with her. It will tear you up inside, but deep down you know he isn't worth shit. Steer clear of Richies. They are arrogant, shitholes that get off on your sadness and bring nothing but pain to your life. Never give Richies another chance. Let them know what piles of shit they are and that you deserve nothing but the best.
1. Hey what is that thing out there blowing that hyena? Oh, it's just a Richie.

2. What rhymes with "Ihaveagapingassholeandsometimesgetbitchie"? Richie.

3. Hey y'all, my name is Richie and I love when The Incredible Hulk fists my tiny little asshole!

4. Gee, look at this steamy pile of shit in my yard. It must be a Richie.
by Ihateyourichard October 29, 2013
A extreme fag with gay hair and no six pack. Usually has no balls.
Girl: Hey, you see that boy?
Boy: Ya, he's such a richie.
by Jimmy John Jim December 14, 2013
A Richie is a small, pocket-lesbian-sized man who dreams of being a musician and possesses a reasonable amount of talent. A Richie likes to fence-climb and trespass. Richies love music, especially Tegan and Sara, and occasionally sleep with lesbians due to this musical inclination. A Richie can do clappy push-ups and occasionally pretends to lose when playing pool against a girl. A Richie will have a healthy ego and happily pose for photographs. Richies will occasionally lose their feet and try to find them on facebook. A Richie is magnetically attracted to beautiful crazy women, especially those that go by the name of Dani. To put it simply, a Richie is an odd man.
Dude 1 - "Whoa, what's that crazy ass guy doing in my backyard... and what is he doing with all those gnomes?"

Dude 2 - "Don't worry, that's just a Richie.... And are you sure those are gnomes? They look like lesbians to me..."
by Sammioblazzio April 07, 2011
A funny, spunky, talented, crazy, underground, midget, pornstar that does fantasy villain xx role-playing. He uses names like the headstand man and is willing to sacrifice himself to make you smile. His best acting is done with a Latin accent and he has a magical gift that makes girls have multiple orgasms with his pierced tongue bifurcation.
That Richie sure is talented, he can give oral standing.
Just cause your short doesn’t mean you have to bring yourself down.
Why are you looking down? Have you had your richie today? :)
Ohhh yeah bite it Dracula.
by haveahappy July 04, 2011
(Rye Chee)
foul-smelling, referring to a vagina
Guy 1:"Dude, last night i had sex with Shannon"

Guy 2:"How was it?"

Guy 3:"It was fine until i went to go down on her, her vagina was so richie my eyes started to water"
by themagicman April 30, 2008

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