An arrogant, hypocritical, overeducated moron who alternately eschews common sense and hates religion yet profits from it by writing hysterical, nonsensical books about it. Dawkins has his own little pseudo psycho "church" of true believers, fans of his, who think he is the new messiah to lead them from the restrictions of common morality and good manners and decency. Its not that he doesn't believe in God, he is just pissed he can't be God. God got there first and that really pisses Dawkins off. May Dawkins slip quickly into obscurity. His 15 minutes are OVER!
Richard Dawkins
by Leslieknowsbetter March 17, 2010
A scientist who has written important books on evolution and even more important books showing why Creationists haven't a leg to stand on. However, what was needed above both of these (especially in the USA) was a book filled with examples of the endless cruelties of God the Father in the Old Testament, as well as those of Jesus Christ (who would send those who so much as call one's brother a fool to eternal torture, as well as every person who doesn't believe in him), and this he gave us in The God Delusion. He treats the problems with the other religions in it as well, but I'll just remark on the Christian aspect.

Most people are not cruel, and nobody could believe that a good, loving God could commit the dozens of atrocities of the Old Testament unless his main reading of the Bible came as a child: maybe being shown as an adult the extreme nastiness of the the Godhead of the Bible will make some people see the absurdity of it all. And maybe this will speed up the process of discarding this ancient fairy tale the Bible--a piece of literature with not an iota more basis for belief than the Greek myths, and which (apart from the dangers of extremists who want to go back to stoning homosexuals and adulterers) creates some degree of antiscientism in every person who believes it.
"Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?" --Douglas Adams, quoted on the dedication page of the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
by Bertrandruss December 31, 2009
Most famous as an evolutionary biologist, Richie D. is the author of titles such as The Selfish Gene, The Blind Watchmaker, Climbing Mount Improbable, and recently, Unweaving the Rainbow. A graduate of Oxford University, he has taught zoology at the universities of California and Oxford.

One of the biggest names out there supporting evolution, this scientist is also stunningly handsome, or, in the words of young future scientists, "he's a cutie." Just look at that curl. Awwww.
"Richard Dawkins says we evolved from a bucket of primordial soup."

"The Oxford accent and curl tell me that everything Richard Dawkins says is right!"

by Stacey G September 25, 2005
A brilliant, if overzealous, British biologist who has published various works on why there is no need for a God/gods in the natural order of things, and why belief in such deities may be harmful to society. Though many religious people (and some nonreligious pacifists) find him abrasive and arrogant, Dawkins is a minority leader (yes, atheists are a minority!) who is not afraid to get in people's faces and defend his right to not believe whatever he wants. There is also the fact that religious leaders all over the world condemn atheists and other religions to hell (or something similar) because they don't follow a specific dogma, which is just as bad -if not worse - than trying to explain why deities are unnecessary.
Richard Dawkins's books are undoubtedly biased, but they really are quite informative and interesting.
by Imagine No Religion September 12, 2009
An intelligent man who is one of the most public supporters of evolution and atheism in our modern age. Winner of numerous scientific awards, Mr Dawkins holds the scientific method up as the supreme means of understanding everything.

Using this method, he delves into evolution at length in his books including The Blind Watchmaker, The Selfish Gene, Climbing Mount Improbable amongst a few others. In these books he outlines the mass of evidence for evolution, explaining how it is as much a fact as gravity, and the theory is in fact more supported by evidence than gravity.

He shows how over many generations mutations (DNA copying errors) occur, and over many millions of years these random mutations can change a species almost unrecognisably, through natural selection, which Dawkins points out is 'the opposite of chance'. In doing this Mr Dawkins Demolishes creationism, showing it to be outdated, irrational and to be completely lacking in evidence, and not fit to even be considered anywhere close to evolution in any way.

He recently wrote a book Called 'The God Delusion', in which he argues (convincingly, in my opinion) that the god hypothesis can be made into a theory and therefore tested in the scientific method, coming to the conclusion that Gods existence is not impossible, since proving a negative is impossible, but so unlikely that god may as well be regarded as non-existent.

To those who insult him, you do your cause far more harm than good - you just make yourselves look bitter and refusing to accept reality, despite the evidence that is there. You may disagree with his views, and that's fair enough, but to insult him because he says things you don't like just makes you look petulant.
It is absolutely safe to say that, if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane (or wicked, but I'd rather not consider that). -- Richard Dawkins
by Sam Lock August 14, 2007
A celebrated scientist and intellectual, Richard Dawkins is most well known for his book "The God Delusion", an attack on organised religion, anti evolutionists and religious led human rights inequalities (ie homophobia, mainstream Americas mis-trust of abortion) , among other things.
The man is little less than a genius in my opinion.
He makes science understandable yet mystical, and his passion for it is evident in the way he argues his point (verociously).
He's been called alot of things, and some people on this site seem to totally have it in for him, but if everyone listened to Richard Dawkins a bit more I think we'd end up with a better world.
He hosted a tv show called The Root Of All Evil? for channel 4 about religion but he disowned the title. No one thing is the cause of all evil, except maybe Rupert Murdoch.
"Richard Dawkins is a genius!"-Me

"Richard Dawkins is going to burn in hell!"- Ann Coulter.

"SHUP BITCH!"-Everyone else.
by JesushjtjtChrist August 21, 2007
For all the hate and love about ol' Richard on here:
Face it. He is not an intolerant bigot- at least, as far as i can see. he is a nice old oxfordian who simply has very strong opinions. And by and large, his arguments against religion make a lot of sense, although sometimes you get the feeling he'd convince more people if he calmed down a bit.
There are some holes in his theological arguments, but there is no reason to call him an unaccepting stubborn narrow-minded antichrist fundamentalist. Fundamentalists blow up the twin towers and don't let women leave the house for fear of beatings. Richard Dawkins is just a guy with a passionate opinion that sometimes leads him to have less repect for people than he ought to. But hey, we all make mistakes.
SHOUTING MATCHER 1: Richard Dawkins is a universal genius! He discovered atheism! Long live Richard! Praise be to Our Richard, who aren't in heaven!'
*enter emcee RD himself, looking thoroughly Oxford-y and docile*
RD: wow, this is certainly awkward.
by LewisUponHigh May 29, 2008

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