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English King in the third Crusade. Rose up against the Moslem Saladin, who controlled Jerusalem at the time, with the supposed support of King Philip of France. King Philip, being French, later ditched Richard on the way to Jerusalem, causing a great blow to Richard's goal. Still though, Richard, brave and courageous, marched on. By the time he reached Jerusalem, Richard knew his victory, while possible, would not last for long, and he was not willing to waste the lives of his men. Sadly, he retreated and signed a treaty with Saladin. Richard was later imprisoned but released by King Philip, and his death came from an arrow shot in the shoulder. Richard's legacy as a soldier transcended his somewhat bad kinship, bad marriage, and bad son, and his romanticized reputation will last forever.
Richard The Lionhearted may have won if all his allies didn't ditch him.
by T Rev April 04, 2006
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