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Richard Nixon = tricky dick = shemale, tranny
Wow, that shemale was a real Richard Nixon
by homie-o December 20, 2010
13 22
Best president ever. Sure he had the watergate scandal but think about it, he did what EVERY president does, except he got caught. The best always get caught. But he was smart, he kept his name clean by resigning instead of being impeached.
To know what Richard Nixon did just check the items in your home...who do you have to thank for all those things made in China...definately NOT Bush!!!
by psycolizard February 10, 2006
118 134
n. The thirty-seventh president of the United States of America. Hated by American liberals for his coverup of the Watergate scandal, which ultimatley led to his resignation, and the Vietnam War. Despite this, Nixon made great progress in the areas of foreign relations and domestic policy, opening up relations with communist China and Russia and starting a "War on Drugs" to put tighter restrictions on the illegal drug trade. When compared to more recent presidents, Nixon should be considered one of the better presidents.
Richard Nixon presided over one of the most turbulent times in American history.
by scrantonicity2 May 03, 2009
22 40
The 37th president of the United State. One of the best presidents who ever lived. Did more in his time in office than any other president.
Wow that was amazing you mmust be Richard Nixon
by Sam Fisher February 24, 2005
136 168
Giving some a "Richard Nixon" is a very special sexual technique. It is where the woman buts the sac in her mouth and shakes her head and making a noise like blaahhhhhh.
O, that girl right there gives a sweet Richard Nixon.
by Phillip Kaltenbach June 21, 2005
38 92
the white man. Many people now use this to define the white man himself.
honkey, cracker, crook
by Brian W. Tosh February 21, 2005
31 86
my hero!!! I love him, isn't he cute?:-)
richards hot.... don't u think so ?!?!?!?!?
by jimmy smith March 12, 2005
55 136