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Daytime TV presenter, famed for getting erections (having wood), during items on knickers, which he then vainly attempts to hide by corssing his legs or covering his trouser tent with a soft furnishing or his wife's brassiere.

The latter is probably a trick learnt in boarding school, where Madeley was a known player of man, woman, bulldog and docking.
Oh no, Richard Madeley's seen some flange and has a stiffy again!

Richard Madeley was terrible at docking - he was always getting erections and so was generally frowned upon by the elder boys.
by pw_ninja September 05, 2009
Daytime TV GOD.

husband of Judy.
Richard Madeley? isn;t he that daytime tv GOD?

Yes. He is.
by Hasslehoff is also a god October 27, 2004