A sniveling atheist who blindly opposes religion. He doesn't even try to understand what he opposes because thinks it isn't worth understanding.
Richard Dawkins is to atheism what Fred Phelphs is to Christianity.
A scientist infamous for being the most arrogant and biased intellectual in the world and largely for his devoted army of unintelligent fanboys, who will most likely vote down on this entry and all others that speak poorly of.
Richard Dawkins: "The crusades are a perfect example of how religion hurts the world."
Child: "But nearly all the crusaders hadn't even read the Bible. They were mostly in it to gain wealth, led by power-hungry popes who twisted religion for their advantage. They would've used other means to get people to do their bidding if religion didn't exist."
Richard Dawkins: "Nonsense. Atheists have never hurt anyone."
Child: "Oh. You must be forgetting Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong, two of the most infamous mass-murders and oppressive dictators in history. Don't worry, you've just got a less evolved mind."
Richard Dawkins: "But- but- The World Trade Centers! That happened because of religious teachings!"
Child: "Wow. One sour apple. One group. Let's just throw the baby out with the bath water. If one religion has malicious teachings, all religions must be evil. Riiiight..."

Richard Dawkins is a perfect example of why the dark ages came about. Arrogant and selfish men who made stuff up to get millions to do their bidding, while everyone else suffers (except rather than religion, he calls it "survival of the fittest").

Fortunately, Richard Dawkins is too fixed on destroying religion with twisted and made up facts to do anything else. Otherwise he'd be busy getting slavery reinstated, executing the disabled, and earning an honest living.
by STJosh September 27, 2007
Wrote woefully out-of-date book about genetics called The Selfish Gene. Wrote several equally boring books. Has never actually done anything remotely important in his field of study, except come up with a really stupid concept called a "meme". This concept is, like phlogiston, or the aether, not particularly helpful and is in fact downright harmful in the field of studying culture. The field of memetics has yet to produce a single worthwhile hypothesis or theory.
Dickie Dorkins (Richard Dawkins) wrote a book called the God Delusion, and used his own pretend-friend delusion of memes to rationalize his way through the book. This is called "irony".
by Stephen Jay Gould December 22, 2009
The leader of militant atheist morons screaming "Religion is the root of all evil!!" Which is odd considering the number of wars fought in the name of race, culture, politics, economics, power, social status, greed, nationality, age, and sports,
which of course militant atheists will then reply "We're not saying that religion is the root of ALL evil, just 99%!!"

Yeah, good plan; except for the fact that all the other wars have killed billions more than religion ever has. And then atheists will claim that "Religion makes good people do bad things", which is also bull, because every person, no matter how noble, has done many bad things in their lives.

What most annoys me about Dawkins is that whenever you challenge him of his claims, and say that he hasn't done a bit of fucking research, so he doesn't really have the right to say that christian morality is "doing good things because you're scared god will zap you", he will say something along the lines of "god is as real as leprechauns; you don't need evidence to disprove the existence of leprechauns do you?"

Except we're not trying to prove or disprove the EXISTENCE of a God -- we're trying to figure out whether or not most christians worship "god" as "a homicidal, genocidal, fratricidal, racist, xenophobic bully". I mean, imagine if someone said leprechauns were Tall, Dark-Skinned Men that give you free Whiskey if you find them. Wouldn't you be offended, even though you don't believe in leprechauns?

And while we're on the subject of comparing God to fairytales... Dawkins claims that raping a child is nowhere near as bad as telling them that they're going to hell.
Is this akin to saying that being murdered is nowhere near as bad as being told that the bogeyman will get you?
Guy: Okay, here's a funny joke, this guy goes to hell and--

Richard Dawkins: OMFG!! how dare you bring up religion in a school! talking about hell in a setting that doesn't rip on christians is worse than rape! being a christian is just like being a schizophrenic, you're barking mad! Without religion there would be no holocaust!!

Guy: Well, religion does create alot of conflict, but sometimes conflict can create good things. like even though the holocaust killed 6 million people, it also encouraged the creation of the UN Bill Of Rights which has protected a billion people from being prosecuted. And religion can be used as a safer method to inflict conflict because it brings both social change but keeps people bandied together, which stops society from breaking down.

Dawkins: You crazy delusional jesus-freak!! I suppose you support Al Queda and the Ku Klax Klan too, don't you, you little nazi?!?
by Joseph Esquire January 29, 2008
One of the most revolutionary scientists in the world.
The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.
by Atheist#2 May 18, 2010
A militant atheist of the opinion that a supernatural being does not exist. There is a great deal of controversy over him, with some finding flaws that they see as obvious and others agreeing. He is also an evolutionary scientist, and has written several books including "The Selfish Gene", "The God Delusion", and "The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence For Evolution". He has developed both a cult following and a group of people who bash his ideas.
Person 1: Richard Dawkins is the leader of militant atheist morons screaming "Religion is the root of all evil!"
Person 2: No, he's a much misunderstood evolutionary scientist!
Person 3: No, you're both morons, he's a fucking failure, and you should go suck it!

(They argue pointlessly for a few hours.)
by Anonymous May 26, 2013
An incredibly arrogant scientists who claims someone's denying religion makes them more intelligent.
Despite having a brilliant mind, he has become far more intolerant than the "religious" groups he despises (and makes this hatred publicly known).
He spends his time whining about how a single foolish president of a country he doesn't even live in said quite some time ago that he doesn't believe atheists to be patriotic citizens.
Apparently, he hates it when people say bad things about him and what he thinks, but has no problem letting the world know that he thinks "religious" people are morons.

He's infamous for bunching every religion of all time into a little ball and blaming that ball for all the world's problems.

He denies all the incredible supernatural acts throughout history witnessed by millions of people because he believes himself more intelligent, and therefore the events didn't happen (or were remarkable coincidence).

He also claims "religion" hinders science, despite Newton, Bacon, Galileo, Kepler, and some of the most brilliant minds in history being Christians. I mean, even Ben Franklin was a deist (though hardly religious).
Richard Dawkins: "Christians are stupid for wasting their lives trying to convert people to religion, so I will in turn waste my life trying to convert them back."

Richard Dawkins: "Religion destroys nations. That's why as Europe began to lose its religious foundations it became weaker and weaker despite once being the center of all world powers, while the United States, which had only been around for a few hundred years, held onto its religious beliefs and rapidly rose to become the greatest power in the world in a very short time. Therefore, I have to turn America away from religion, because I'm jealous."

Richard Dawkins was the kid in school who claimed anyone within his circle of friends was cool and everyone outside of it wasn't.
Therefore, by his logic, he was friends with all the coolest kids in school, despite this not being true.
Don't you just love Richard Dawkins and his "facts"?
by STJosh August 29, 2007

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