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- a tall male, long arms, and legs. Caring, kind, loving gentlemen. He will keep anything away from you, he won't speak his mind, only to his closest friends. He'll treat his girl right, and will apologize after every single mistake he's made, will go through anything for her no matter what. He keeps his loved ones close, and spaces himself from others. Has great style. He can't manage money right, and will use all his money at once. Good-looking, and has all the ladies on him. He's only outgoing if your close. Kind-hearted. You will learn to appreciate his awkward-ness, and love him to death. Over protective with his loved ones. Nice eyebrows. Very good baller, and hates sprinting.
Friend: who's that ?

Pho: That's Richard Bruegmann?! The most perfect boy in my eyes..

Friend Omg, he is cute, and he has great style.

Pho & Friend: I love Richard... *sigh*
by chicken shit pho December 23, 2011
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