A popular desert, especially among large, evil ducks. Basically icecream with added rice and less sugar, rice cream is a healthier alternative to Earth's favourite food. Flavours include Basmati Blast, Thai Tang and Extreme-Egg-Fried.
"Go away! can't you see I'm trying to enjoy some ricecream!?"
by FlashBrosDim April 27, 2005
Top Definition
A dessert invented by Goran M during a Slug Crew dinner at Golden China Buffet in Jacksonville Florida. It consists of steaming hot white rice mixed with ice cream.
Goran: dude, eat some white rice with that ice cream, it's soo good.
Andrew: d0o0o0o0o0o0d this is amazing
Matt: let me get some more of your rice, this is delicious!
Garrett: slug yeah, this is the best idea you've had all night Goran.

Goran: I call it "rice cream"
Garrett: or we could call it ice rice
Matt: ...you killed it
Andrew: Dude I agree with Blake, ice rice is kinda lame
by Call out king February 28, 2009
A large amount of rice packed tightly in a small bowl, chilled, and then eaten, mainly by drunken idiots.
Zack: what's that your eating?
Kevin: Rice Cream!!!!!
Zack, Kevin, and Matt: YYYAAAYYY!!!
by Cooper Baggins April 09, 2008
The mixture of ice cream and rice. A classic British summer treat, typically served from ice cream vans.
Jason: I say Geoffrey, this is utterly spiffing weather today.
Geoffrey: Mmm quite, you fancy joining me for a cheeky rice cream?
by DjordanP August 23, 2015
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