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a gay civic
fast and the furious
by dan April 28, 2003
26 33
Ethnic definition: (If of latino/mexican heritage) See also arroz
"That civic is arroz...primo meng!"

"That's fast and furious style meng!" "No esse, that's arroz!"
by Jarlen January 26, 2004
6 14
Rice (n) , What a asian vehicle is that takes more torque to hold the wheels on then the hamster motor makes.
ying yang put 10 k in his rice mobile and still can beat a stock Fbody.
by King Displacement July 03, 2003
24 33
Another Retarded "Car" term used by people that half no life besides their automobile
"I am cool, so I riced out my car while my friend got laid."
by Neil Hawbaker June 04, 2003
15 28
clean, nice, hot, fresh, sick
that car is mad rice
by meola December 09, 2006
5 19
btw. China imports most of their rice from America

anywhoo riced doesn't necessarily mean a blunderous vehicle with stickers added on for horsepower. that terminology is a contemptuous popular culture term which assumes the only criteria for an excellent vehicle is speed. 'Ricers' fully realize that a v-tec emblem will not add 10 bhp to a civic. Rather riced vehicles are often an expression of individuality and artistic ability. Excellent ricemobiles display excellent aestetic qualities in design and creativity; and such vehicles should also be judged for their artistic talent. To despise a vehicle simply because it's 'riced up' and presumably not the fastest thing on the road demonstrates a rather ignorant perspective, as unless the ricer specifically says so, speed alone may not be his top priority.
lil bow wow's riced up hulkmobile was hilarious! :D I love it!
by Lotuseater July 21, 2006
7 21
to be nice or good. A positive thing.
'that's rice, man!' or 'it's not just rice, it's Jerry Rice!' (Jerry Rice = very nice; really good)
by Sean Anderson October 12, 2005
7 22