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When you're taking a crap and the turd makes a crackling sound as it exits your bunghole.
I dropped a Rice Krispy Treat in the thundermug this morning.It sounded like the turd was bubblewrapped.
by wolfbait51 April 17, 2011
A pile of sticky, caucasian midgets after an orgy.

can also be referred to as a Coca krispy treat, which is defined as a pile of sticky darker skinned midgets.

The Rice Krispy treat is achieved when everyone in an orgy cum on one another, then collapse from exhaustion in a pile. While they all rest, the cum semi-dries and becomes sticky, creating a marshmallow like substance binding them all together.
I was walking down the street and i glanced in a random window and saw a giant Rice Krispy treat!
by rocko202 September 24, 2009
When a man is about climax, he pulls out and puts his dick into the girl's ass and orgasms. He then has the girl fart out the cum into his mouth. The girl is also farting dingleberries into the guys mouth at the same time, hence the rice krispy treat effect.
Hey, I can't believe I was lucky enough to have Lucy feed me some rice krispy treats the other night.
by Pete Shabalski April 14, 2007
Ejaculating into a bag of cereal and leaving it for a friend to discover.
My room mate in college thought it would be funny to make a Rice Krispy Treat for a friend. Unfortunately I walked in on him in the act.
by BoredAtWork May 31, 2012
a female who is like a Rice Krispy Treat--easy, hot, and sweat.

similar but safer and nicer than the psycho-sluts.
I'm going to go chat up Julia. Cause I love Rice Krispy Treats, easy-hot-sweat.
by AppleJackson5 May 20, 2010
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