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A white male who only dates Asian women. Breed is marked by very distinct characteristics, including monochromatism of hair and skin, pronounced Adam's apple, lanky physique, complete lack of fashion sense, and inability to carry on a conversation with any woman who has her own opinions and is capable of expressing them.
Joe Manning at Stanford is a card-carrying Rice King: he imported a wife from Shang-hai.
by Stanford Alum June 15, 2004
Closely related to Rice Queen. A non-Asian male (typically white) who only dates Asian women.
Oh I know that guy! He's a total Rice King. He's got a new Asian girl every month.
by sharkbite December 09, 2003
Gay asian male dating gay caucasian man(Rice Queen).
He's a rice queen. He only dates rice kings.
by jake moss March 08, 2006
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