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In Chinese culture, in addition to definition 2 (someone who loves rice or likes to eat a lot of rice), a rice bucket also denotes a person who eats a lot, but does not produce a lot; a useless person; a bum.

The term is often used affectionately by mothers when describing their young sons.
You're such a rice bucket. All you do is eat.
by chuck daddy September 02, 2009
Commonly used to refer to riced out Hondas and/or other imports.

A ricer may be easily identified if the car has more lights then a christmas tree or sounds like a weed whacker
Damn check out that queer ass Rice Bucket, I wanna kick that little ricer boys ass!
by Pimp Masta J December 18, 2004
someone who loves rice or likes to eat a lot of rice; can consume large portions of rice; eats rice with almost everything
We call her "rice bucket" because she has rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
by tonbo_kunoichi November 29, 2006
One who sits in weight room and playing in a bucket of rice
Rice Bucket just sitts in the weight room and plays in the damn Rice Bucket!
by T Boggs June 26, 2006