To violently chop somebody accross the chest, as Ric Flair is apt to do in every one of his matches. This is to be followed by bellowing, "Wooo! Ric Flair! Jet flyin'! Limousine ridin'! Stylin' and profilin'! Thirteen time world heavyweight champion, the Naitcha Boy, Ric Flair. Woooo!", all the while strutting.
As Andrew rounded the corner, I jumped out and Ric Flaired him. He was initially shocked and hurt, but when I strutted and went into the promo, he fell into hysterics.
by Dee Snutz January 31, 2007
A man that flabs
My friend likes to Ric Flair everywhere
by Randy Orton December 29, 2003
see "midlife crisis"
matt: my dad just got married with a 25 year old chicks
bob:ric flair crisis?
by palaric8 July 19, 2006
synonym for Over rated. Ric Flair is the most over rated wrestler of all time. The only reason anyone thinks he is great is because hes been telling you that for 30 years so people started bieleving it.
Ric flair is the womenizing, wanker flashing, brain washing, sob
by Totally Tyler TM April 12, 2008
A old man in the WWE beat up everytime he gets in the ring LOL. He gets back dropped so many times he cant remember where he is at. He was once super kicked by HBK and knocked out for 25 minutes. Hes so fricken old and has big floppy cow tits that he trips on sometimes and once got chopped by Chris Beniot and his tit busted open and started to bleed.
Wow ric flair is getting his ass kicked.


Wtf you fell and got knocked out? Lol you pulled a flair.
by Slickness November 11, 2004

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