Stands for Rest In Awesome. Invented by John Green for the passing of Esther Earl, the shining star of nerdfighteria.
R.I.A Esther. Your memories are in our hearts.
by sandwhich-girl August 30, 2010
this word is used in descriptive sense to express beauty or relating to it.......
the sky is looking serene and beutiful with white patches of clouds surrounding it in the riabackground.
by inventor999999 March 18, 2011
It means the light and voice that guides u from very darkness..

More that that it's a feeling.

Like the wind,there's barely nothing . there is no mass no shape either nothing to be seen in it.. But there is a huge feeling of peace in every breeze of wind,which is a feeling that can only be felt by our bare hands. Or pure us... She is just Love ,a feeling that can only be felt by heart... :)
The moon is unique just like ria..there is only one !
by ##pAv June 18, 2016
shortening of a longer term, Tripsteria. A chode hippy.
"Dude, that ria reaks of Pachuli."

"Odell, lets go to a String Cheese Concert and shitstomp some ria."

"I'm pretty sure where these crabs came from.... fucking ria's"
by Emerson Bigguns November 22, 2007
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