What you call a straight girl who performs lesbian acts.
1st: Is that girl a lesbian?

2nd: No, she's just pulling a Rhonda.
by Rhonda12 August 25, 2013
a female that gets around
ouwe that bitch talk to day day now she a strait RHONDA
by killaK January 11, 2014
A group of females that resemble Big Rhonda,from Thats 70s Show.
Look out,here come the Rhondas!
by MisUsed April 14, 2007
Most Rhonda's enjoy ceasers on a patio and ghost hunting at night. Rhonda Rhost is a common name for one who participates in ghost hunting on a weekly basis. Before naming your kid after reading this, be sure to realize that many nicknames come with the name, but bartenders often bring over ceasers without being asked to all Rhonda's "just cause".
"Hello, i'm Rhonda and I can't think of an example to add here"
by 8sec August 25, 2010
a small little asian chick with a two tiny golden fuzzy side kicks named Gangs and Jems. she owns a red snuggie and likes to eat nougat and drink japanese tea a lot. loves her best friend more than morest. can be really shy but once she open up to the people that mean the world to her, she becomes comfortable. sometimes she may come across as arrogant but she truly doesn't mean it that way, and always feels terrible when she does. Loving, kind and always fights with her two golden side kicks over biscuits. loves to make people laugh at any cost and adores cooking, baking and LOVES children. Did i mention she loves her best friend? dances in her spare time, always smiling, optimistic and loves adventure. Compassionate, peace loving and often gets shy around people she likes a lot. genuine and will do anything for the people she loves. a really simple girl.
rhonda rhonda, can we dance in the rain?

hey look there goes rhonda with her two golden fur balls

wow... look you can really tell rhonda loves her bffl right
by rhondapie July 03, 2010
a dependable gun, usually no less than an AK-47, a thug's best friend. Made famous by Pastor Troy
Help me Rhonda.
Some fools tried me so I introduced them to Rhonda.
by Loch Ness the Wise July 23, 2008
She is mysterious. Like a bird in a groundhog hole. She smells like peppermint. but don't get to close, or she might lick your nose. she's got a large booty, than can rival Pamela Anderson's boobs. Rhonda is nonsense. She is nothing, and yet she is everything. she see's all and knows all, and yet, she know's nothing. She has random cravings for jelly on a stick, and has a mad obsession with plucking boys eyebrows till they are no longer there. Brad Pitt is her soul mate, but nobody knows that. She doesn't understand the colour yellow, because it clashes with her diet. She can't stand when dogs eat pickles. it messes with her mind. she is dumb. wayyy dumber than she looks. but WATCH OUT. she is pretty smart. don't even try to fool this bad girl. she is a lady! who is smart. :)
boy1: didn't you hear? Rhonda is my everything.

boy2: but i thought she was my nothing!

boy1: ya kno, you are almost as dumb as rhonda.

boy2: that must make me pretty smart! :)


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