The common name for a guy who can handle more than smoking very strong cigarettes (Marlboro Reds, etc), drinking very strong alcoholic beverages (20% and above only).
The most honest guy you will ever know, harshly honest. Will never give you a false opinion.
Doesn't seem to ever be in a relationship, but is often regarded as a complete slut (getting with random girls, usually at random parties, frequently).
Very Japanese.
Amazing artistic.
IQ of about a million, but is nowhere near 'geeky'!
Can actually play a lot of music instruments; well. And doesn't brag about it!
And beats ASH down at everything!

Rhode more or less is the name for a guy who is too good!
The opposite to a person we could call ASH!
"that dude over there..."
"yeah, what about him?"
"he's Rhode!"
"what? he cant be..."
"well, look! think about it, nice boots, smoking, listening to J-rock and he knows a hell of girls around here... he knows them more than you think."
"Na, he's just one of those slutty wanna-be's!"
"NO! thats over there!"
"that loner??"
*contrasts the differences!*
"ok, that guy is Ash and the guy you talk about is Rhode!
by SYNFIST616yeahman! January 27, 2008
Top Definition
greatness; completely legendary; one superior to others
Bro that guy is just to damn nasty, he's on that Rhodes status
by Thatoneguy63 May 30, 2009
A common word used by Italians to show comradely to another.
"Whats up Rhode!," "Hows it going Rhode?"
by Anthony Ray May 11, 2008
A triassic mastadon that is believed to have been extinct. However, in some remote area of east tennessee, some 10th grade students have claimed to have discovered one live. Her brute strenght is amazing, as it was struck by a train and has no major injuries (except for an enlarged left hip.)
The rhodes made fun of my colorblindness.
by asjhgdfkajsdf April 09, 2007
A man who lives at home and remains a virgin for the majority of his lifespan. He is not capable of holding down a job because of his threatening and primitive nature. Due to his quirky nature, odd personality and unusual dress sense, some people believe him to be borderline autistic with homosexual tendencies. He rarely ventures outside of his home and lives off his parents money and dines mostly on cheese and crackers. His hobbies include playing video games and trolling on the internet for reactions.
Jimmy: Dude, that guy I met the other day has a total Rhodes lifestyle.
by Jimmy Cookie July 25, 2011
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