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A fat person (usually a woman) who has the tendency to eat like a 'pig' and stomp around like a 'rhino'. Hence the phrase Rhino-Pig. Rhino-pigs are best described as obese, ugly, nasty bitches. Often times their attitudes are poor and they are very annoying.
"That rhino-pig is a fat slob." or "That rhino-pig is such a fuckin' bitch."
by T-Bone aka T-Money August 14, 2008
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means a person(usually a man) who is racist , sexist,dirty-mouthed(like a pig) ,is violant and the only thing there head is useful for is headbutting people with there thick skull(like a rhino would with its horn)
Whatch out here comes josh the rhinopig
by warrioragainstrhinopigs January 22, 2016
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