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When a male if fucking a female doggie style grabbing the back of her head and slamming her head into the head board or pillow (like a charging rhino) repeatedly while she yelps for you to stop.

Sally-"oh, my head really hurts this morning"
Sally-"You know how Billy always said he wanted to go on a safari?"
Sally-"Well last night Billy was Rhino fucking the shit out of me and now the headboard is broken and i think i have a concussion."
#rhino #fucking #headboard #safari #rhinette
by SteppzRus April 17, 2009
When a male straps a dildo to his forehead, and continues to penetrate his partner with the dildo, which looks like a rhino's horn.
Dude, I walked in on my roommate last night rhino fucking some girl on the couch.
#animal #sex #head banging #beasteality #head butt
by money9 April 29, 2011
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