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The "Rhinestone Cowboy" is a fairly dangerous sexual act. Just prior to anal sex (preferably a with a man), the 'cowboy' will attach rhinestones to his dick (with some sort of skin-safe adhesive). Some of the rhinestones may dislodge during coitus, this is perfectly normal and will give the recipient the moniker "Rhinestone Cowgirl".
I got Rhinestone Cowboy'd by my boyfriend last night, I think there's still a few in there.
by SkuubaSam July 21, 2011
A gay cowboy (redundant), usually out of the closet, and flaming (i.e. stiletto boots and zebra print hat). Rhinestone Cowboys have also been known to ride the horse from the under side.
No, your cowboy shirt isn't salmon or mellon, it's pink. Get over it.
by Derek February 20, 2005
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