An awesome place to live. Unfortunately loaded with tourists but I guess that just means that Rhinebeck is a lot nicer place to stay than Red Hook. Rhinebeck is classy and not filled w/ a bunch of scumbags like Red Hook. Yeah, we might be rich and preppy, but it's not like we're denying that. If anything that's a good thing. So RH needs to stop bashing us cause they're jealous and wish they were like us. And who cares if you have a better sports team, NOT US! Everytime you bash us you fail to mention how much more talented we are then RH in music and arts. Something that would get us farther in life than sports. Considering the majority of you that play sports are just going to end up being FAT-couch-potatoes WATCHING sports instead of playing them in the future. So you tell me who's school is better? RHINEBECK!!!!
"Rhinebeck Rocks!!!"

"Let's see who wins in a music competition or art show!!! Instead of stupid sports. Where everyone there is on steriods! Believe me I could name a few people in Red Hook that are on steriods.""
by Finally RHS bashing RH July 10, 2008
Top Definition
A small town located in upstate NY where a bunch of ultra-cool, highly intelligent kids grew up. Most of these kids are tremendously talented in the arts and are now involved in numerous lucrative endeavors, perfecting their crafts.
Kid1: "Where's Vin?"
Kid2: "I dunno... the Calico?"

Kid1: "Where's the fun at?"
Kid2: "I dunno, Jeff's not here yet."

Kid1: "What are you doing tonight?"
Kid2: "Hanging out in Rhinebeck, obviously."
by Rhinebeck April 10, 2007
A pretty cool place to grow up. Hard to find something to do but you always end up somewhere at night. Beer, drugs, and partying; just like an average town. We go to school, sports, and hang out afterwards.

We think Red Hookers are a bunch of assholes because they can't stop talking about how much cooler they are because they have a good team or a larger district when they have nothing really substantially better to mock us with. We don't care much about Red Hook, mostly we see them as our retarded sister town. They might come over here to chill and we might use thier theater but once again: we don't care about Red Hook. So you can stop dissing us guys, it's kinda retarded.
RH Kid 1 - Hey dude, let's go kick Rhinebecks ass at sports!
RH Kid 2 - Yeah! We are so cool because we play soccer!

RB Kid 1 - Those retards from Red Hook are coming over again.
RB Kid 2 - Fuck it, let's get drunk
by The Speaker of Rhinebeck September 05, 2007
A cool place to live in eastern New York that is WAY better than Redhook (Hookers!!)
Rhinebeck is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Danny94 September 13, 2007
a small town in upstate new york. it is basically like the after thought that red hook just shit out. red hook is superior in athletics and academics and overall greatness. Sorry to their high school xc team. it must be hard to deal with the fact that they lost to red hook four years in a row at mhals, while red hook is sitting with two kegs one of which they will keep forever. Rhinebeck should at least give up on having their own invitational, it must really suck to loose at your own invitational to a team like red hook. red hook is also superior in every other sport, like basketball. even if they try to play dirty, and take kids from our high school. rhinebeck is just a relatively scummy place to be. for example there is a liquor store directly across from the entrance to the high school. red hook on the other hand has been ranked in the top two percent of high schools in america.
rhinebeck is inferior to red hook. end of story
by rdhk August 23, 2010
A small town up in upstate new york. most of the students are hightly talented in arts and music. however traditionally poor athletes. lately though more and more talented athletes are showing up and winning more often.has a highscale rivalry with thier sister town redhook, redhook is full of pansy ass bitches, who everytime sumone from rbk challanges redhook to a football game or a fight, either calls the cops, or doesnt show. redhook claims to be much better at everything they do, but kids from rbk definetly party better. just keep the bball team away.rbk is much better than redhook, its just that rhinebeck rarely has anything overly exciting to do, so turns to partying heavily and drinking to pass the time.
rhinebeck is like this:
rbkkid1: hey its friday night, lets go party
rbkkid2:ok man, lets get fuckin smashed

rhkid1: hey its friday night, lets study
rhkid2: great idea, then lets go to that gay pride meeting at 7.
rhkid1:great idea! but im not gay im bisexual. thier queer
rbkkid2: yah but im too drunk to care
by fuckrh March 15, 2009
A small, uneventful, charming town in new york. A place where all the city people come on the weekends. They walk around saying "what a nice town, what nice people". what they dont know is that we dont like them, and they annoy the hell out of us. "sister town" of red hook, a bigger, poorer, dirtier town. we win. our school district likes to ban people from the basketball team for being within a 2 foot radius of beer.
city person: wow, rhinebeck is beautiful
redhook person: whatever. its small.
rhinebeck person: im moving to the city.
by rbk21 February 26, 2009
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