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An extemely sexy person. Often recognised for her model looks and her flowing hair. She will be upfront with you about most things but she is one of the funniest people you will ever meet. She is extremely good at keeping secrets you can tell this girl anything! She is known to have a wild personality and is an adventurer and traveler at heart. She has many friends and gets along with most friendship groups which can annoy her closest friends at times. She is jawdroppingly beautiful and will be catching mens attention without realising it. She can be known as the fittest and smokin hottest of her friends.
Damn that girl Rhia is fine!!!!
by johnnytruffer June 10, 2013
bear in the big blue house a.k.a. berstien bear
damn look at that gangster ass rhia
by ULRIC BUTCHER November 06, 2003
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