The bestest friend u could ave. i luv her 2 bits and no 1 will ever split us up, no matter how hard they try. we r so close, i feel as tho i can tell her nefing! we ave both had our tough times but we have got thru them and they r now forgetton, but stil ave those great memories of the gd times! A rhi is some1 that ne one wood luv if they met her, coz she is completely luvly! i ave not yet found her dwn fall!
by A lucky friend March 07, 2004
A Sex goddess

Coming from the name Rhiannon.
That girl was so Rhi
by Anon December 10, 2004
a gorgeous and sexy laydee
ur such a rhi tonite!
by beautiful August 29, 2003
A person with a great heart and loving mind. Usually have a very good fashion sense and loves to be indivdual.
"OMG it's Rhi"
by Uppyboomboom May 16, 2009
Now recognised as a name in it's own right - and not simply a slang of Rhian or Rhiannon
My name is Rhi, no it's not short for anything..... Its just Rhi!
by Seren Storm February 02, 2010
The awesome, most coolest Bostonian ever to live. K.
Rhi rocks.
by Mito December 24, 2003

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