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Rheagans are a sweet, talented girl. they are great dancers and and very athletic. Most Rheagans have a great voice. They are very pretty and dont wear much make-up because they dont need it.
yep she is a Rheagan
by Thats mee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! August 08, 2011
Rheagans are usually short and they don't top 5'6". They never wear makeup- don't ask why. They like to straighten their hair and wear tennis shoes. Catch her in a blouse? TAKE A PICTURE! Tshirts are what they wear most.

Rheagans also love the outdoors and when they aren't shooting someone up online, they are outside fishing or playing volleyball.

Rheagans are just really short, crazy, and their families are SUPER DUPER FUN AND INSANE AND LOVABLE. :P
Me: Hey, did you hang out with the Rheagan lately?

You: Heck yeah- it was rockin' when you could see her.
by The best friend June 28, 2012
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