the AWESOMOest and COOLiOest girl EVERR.! ;]
She iss the BOMBB like tick tickk ;]
oh Shit, look at THAT Rhea!

-->>accordingg to jelloo<<--
by iloveRICE! May 13, 2009
A large, ostrich-like bird, native to the pampas of Argentina. Flightless and very fast. Once hunted for their feathers by gauchos (Argentinian cowboys), who used bolas to entangle their legs.
Herds of rhea still roam the plains of South America.
by Anon November 13, 2004
The most swagalicious girl ever! She has so much swag and is really nice! She loves to help people all the time because she has no friends. She gets good grades and eats chicken everyday for lunch!
Damn, that girl is just like those rhea girls!
by mkdefinitions December 23, 2014
A nut's, crazy girl who's always got you're back 2 get u through the tough times. U got a bf? She'll have 2 approve. U got a lollypop, she will need 2 make sure it's not poisoned:)
Friend: Rhea i have a bf!
Rhea: Who?
Friend: Lance

by #harleyquinn May 30, 2016
Rhea is a word from the arabic language meaning "blonde" or stupid.--
Are you rhea instead of are you mad....
by mriga January 07, 2012
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