A) A city so damn hardcore that the rich bitches down the road gotta knock it just to even come close to its awesomeness
B) A small town that owns all the bitches in Pickerington and all the little sluts in Dublin
C) A Ghetto AND Hardcore at the same time... Needless to say we own with a P
Damn, Reynoldsburg is so bitchin... I'm glad I'm not in a ho school like Dublin Coffman
by Pwnage April 21, 2005
Top Definition
A working class suburb of Columbus,Ohio southeast of I270 filled with wiggers and trailer trash. Most residents don't realize their town is a poorer more diverse version of Pickerington. Filled with sluts,shopping plazas, and drug addicts Reynoldsburg is quite a town!
Chris: Hey man where do you go to school?
Preston: Reynoldsburg yay yay!!
Chris: Uh okay then?
Preston: Where you live at?
Chris: Worthington it's richer,safer, and cleaner than your town...
Preston: Oh..well we pwn them Coffman niggs!!
by Wotown4L August 15, 2005
n. 1) a city located at 39°57'36" North, 82°48'5" West (39.959913, -82.801290), straddling Fairfield, Franklin, and Licking counties in Ohio. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 32,069. 2) the birthplace of the hybrid tomato. 3) home of the Raiders, which are a bunch of playas, true to da game, pleased to represent with a mix of urban and suburban flava.
1. My goodness, have you seen this almanac entry for Reynoldsburg?

2. I do so enjoy tomatoes. Thank goodness Livingston had his plot of land in beautiful Reynoldsburg.

3. Only da 'Burg gets to talk smack about da 'Burg. Coffman best step proper, or we will represent straight up. Strapped with a gatt, yo...then, off to BW3. Dat's how we roll.
by iluvsmyhotsauce April 30, 2005
A boring ass city full of sluts
If you want some pussy, go to Reynoldsburg High School. About 50 girls will be happy to do ANYTHING!!!
by Dan December 08, 2003
A fun suburb to live in where you won't get shot if you don't make any sudden movements
Emo kids go to Reynoldsburg to die.
by Bob Thenameless Man December 10, 2010
Like Pickerington, only better.
We may not have a good high school football team, but Reynoldsburg has the best tomato festival you've ever seen.
by chloexx January 22, 2009
a ugly townn full of ghetto people, who hate the world ; a.k.a emo come her to freaking kill them selfs, also theres a bunch of ugly PEOPLE! , like klw. lol. but we have a crappy highschhool, and a crappy althetic thing. and theres a gay stem program. but i would rather live in pickerington , because theres not like 2434323443 shooting a week.
ugly poeple from reynoldsburg
by facebook. December 30, 2010
A boring ass burb of Columbus, Ohio that is right off of I-270.
Let's get outta reynoldsburg and go see a concert at Newport.
by Nick June 27, 2004
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