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Formal term for Reverse Interracial Marriage in Singaporean English & Malay English, denoting the extremely rare case of the wedded union of a fair Chinese, Malay, European or Indo-Aryan male with a dark Tamil female. The polar opposite of the much more common Interracial Kao-Yin.

The rarity of such unions is due to mutual aversion. Thus, Caucasoid-Mongoloid men often report feeling intimidated by South Indian women, pointing to their large steatopygian body size & expressing fears of an inability to sexually satisfy these 'Negresses of Malaya'. Such beliefs are founded on the historical prevalence of matriarchy in Malabar. They are further fuelled by the projection of the 'Sapphire Stereotype' upon Tamilian women in Malayo-Polynesian culture, which represents the Afro-Dravidian female as a combative, domineering & emasculating 'Angry Black Woman' who controls men through her belittling insults & denigrating jibes.

Meanwhile, Dravidian women in turn justify their hostility towards Caucasoid-Mongoloid men by pointing to the inferior size of the Chinese Penis, Malay Penis, European Penis & Indo-Aryan Penis, emphasising that the Tamilian Penis is the largest type of Singaporean Penis. With the cavernous Dravidian Vagina unable to obtain any satisfaction from the Caucasoid Penis or
Mongoloid Penis, it is only natural that these 'Hastinis' (Elephant-Women) almost always contemptuously reject the advances of non-Dravidian males.
1) Ah Chong: My brother have Reverse Interracial Kao-Yin with Ah Neh woman!
Ah Beng: Aiyo! He must have Keling-size lanjiao lah!

2) The Malay-Chinese fear of satisfying a 'Keling' woman in an Reverse Interracial Kao-Yin is based on Indo-Aryan traditions dating back to the Puranic Dark Ages: "The women from the lands of the Dravidians are very placid. No matter how much a man may caress their yoni or how hard he may copulate they remain dry & have a very slow & brief orgasm." - 'Kama sutra: The Hindu ritual of love' Vātsyāyana. tr S C Upadhyaya. rev ed. NY: Castle Books, 1963, p 36.

Likewise: "The reputedly immoderate & sadistic tastes of Southerners are a general topic of condemnation in Sanskrit erotics ... The Kokkokam, as might be expected, omits this aspersion for Tamil readers, & reads instead 'but the oversexed women of Pandya {S. Tamil Nadu} are hard nuts to crack - one can pound on their breasts with stone balls & still get nowhere'." - 'The Koka Shastra: being the Ratirahasya of Kokkoka & other medieval Indian writings on love' tr Alex Comfort. London: G Allen & Unwin, 1964, p 147.

Nor was it restricted to Tamils: "The women of Karnataka & Trilinga {Telingana} are extremely greedy for continuous congress, day & night, without food or rest. They passionately prefer the coital posture - Vadavakam wherein the lingam lingers for a longer period inside the yoni without emission." 'Immortal Khajuraho' Kanwar Lal. Delhi: Asia Press, 1965, p 174.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 10, 2012
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